Curzon Cinema reopens with an enhanced user experience

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With the volume of moviegoers purchasing tickets online ever increasing, it’s no surprise that cinemas are more invested than ever in optimising their digital moviegoer experience.

While some are still catching up to the self-service trend, tech-savvy and innovative cinemas remain ahead of the curve. Curzon Cinema, who have been specialists in the UK cinema industry since 1934, decided to take their experience to the next level, by undertaking a major rebranding exercise and reopening with a brand-new bespoke website and membership programme.

It didn’t take long to see incredible results. Curzon surpassed their initial targets for paid memberships within the first few weeks following the website launch, making their reopening after a year of COVID-19-related closures even sweeter.

The process for booking tickets has never been smoother. The number of paid subscribers is growing fast.”

Curzon were looking to overcome the friction in the moviegoing journey posed by operating separate websites — for Curzon Cinemas, Curzon Home Cinema, the Curzon Blog, and a corporate website — by creating one experience. So, they turned to Vista.

Having used Vista’s cinema management software, and actively leveraging Movio’s solutions for many years, this project extended Curzon’s trust in Vista into a new sector: digital.

Curzon’s vision exceeded the scope of a traditional cinema website, and it required a custom-made design to seamlessly unify their digital footprint, including Curzon's unique publishing website, and the functionality to integrate with their cinema and home cinema software providers.

Omnia, Vista’s in-house digital agency, proved to be the best of both worlds. They had the expertise to provide the required custom technical solution to achieve Curzon's goal. Skilled designers and developers created a stunning, moviegoer-centric website that not only reflected Curzon's unique brand but showcased Curzon's Events and Journal.

With no visibility on when cinemas in the UK will be allowed to reopen, the teams faced a race against time and rushed towards completing the project.

In a very short time, we got what we needed from the Vista team: shared payments, revenue expansion, all memberships in one place, and a single user experience.

Vista Loyalty and Subscriptions played a decisive part in unifying Curzon’s digital presence and delivering consistent moviegoer experiences. Besides streamlining the membership programme, the integration empowered customers to use a single membership across both Curzon Cinema and Curzon Home Cinema.

By giving our customers more choice, we are seeing an increase in people crossing in both directions.”

Four months after Curzon’s grand reopening, we sat down with Leo Brend, Director of Technology at Curzon to look back at our collaboration, and analysed the project’s results.

Discover the findings from this conversation together with everything there is to know about the project success, the challenges faced, and solutions used to overcome them by reading the complete story of Curzon's reopening.

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