The Omnichannel Dream: amplifying your sales channels

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Digital technology evolves quickly. Over recent years, the sheer range and volume of touchpoints customers engage with on a daily basis has grown dramatically. Crucial to every market’s operations now is the question of how best to unify the wide range of spaces we reach our customers though and the touchpoints they engage with.

Omnichannel marketing has been key in finding this answer, and is an element we’ve been incorporating into Vista technology for some time. But as is the nature of any long-standing tech solution innovating over time, technology starts to age. Aspects created at different times, by different teams, with different technology.

Building on the foundation of decades of expertise in cinema, we have crafted new sales channels using all that we have learned, with the future always front-of-mind. Vista Cloud has given us many opportunities to build better from the ground up, and the need for simplicity, scalability, and accessibility drove the way we have made omnichannel a fundamental part of the way we work, incorporating omnichannel components and modern APIs from the ground up to create amazing new opportunities for you like Lumos, our cloud-hosted and seamlessly integrated digital sales channels.

What exactly are omnichannel components?

Omnichannel components (or OCCs) are the building blocks that create an omnichannel marketing experience. They are reusable components that can be adapted for multiple different applications. The seatmap seen in your mobile app, for example, is created so that the same source code is used across your mobile app, website, and kiosks in a consistent experience, both visually and in functionality.

Omnichannel components offer consistency and effectiveness, and importantly provide several key benefits both from our development standpoint, and for cinemas. In building our new Digital solutions, OCCs were a key part of both how and why we rebuilt.

What makes omnichannel important for me as an exhibitor?

At Vista, building with omnichannel components brings efficiency as we deliver new features. We are able to not only build new features faster, but incorporate those features into all sales channels much faster than we could for our legacy channels.

As a cinema, you not only gain access to these new features faster, but find greater configurability, consistency, and simplicity across every element of your sales channels; from ticketing to food and beverage, and everything in-between. This is key to why our engraining an omnichannel approach into our new technology benefits you, and will continue to as we build into the future.

As we mentioned, omnichannel components create consistency between your Lumos sales channels, but this extends into what makes management and configuration of your channels easier. Each of your Lumos sales channels is managed in a single central CMS (content management system), meaning you have more control over your sales channels from one easy-to-access location. Showcase your brand and configure moviegoer interactions with depth and ease by managing your theming from the big picture down to the small details. Our design principles keep the user experience at the forefront, and the omnichannel components that comprise your Lumos channels responsively adapt to each channel and screen for the optimal experience.

Optimised for conversion, Lumos channels help you to increase spend-per-head and customer satisfaction with natively integrated food & beverage sale across all channels. Offer food customisation to give your guests the ability to have their burger their way, and much more.

The ultimate moviegoer experience

With Lumos mobile, web, and kiosk, moviegoers receive the ideal user experience with consistency no matter how they choose to engage in their customer journey. Whether buying tickets with loyalty points on their mobile device, making the last-minute decision to order a burger before their screening with self-service at an in-cinema kiosk, or signing up for subscriptions on your website, moviegoers get the same great experience.

Of course, these experiences aren’t uniform; they have been thoughtfully and contextually considered for where they surface to make the most of every interaction. Lumos Kiosk, for example, delivers a moviegoer’s Living Ticket via QR code, so moviegoers can immediately scan it and have their ticket ready to use instantly, whereas Web and Mobile deliver Living Tickets through email—and in-app—for easy access later.

The future is Digital

The omnichannel approach is just one part of how we’re pushing towards a bright digital future for your cinemas. With our new cloud-hosted sales channels, Lumos, we can empower you to make the biggest impact for your moviegoers, grow your digital revenue, and bring the ultimate cinema experience to life.

Learn more about how Lumos can help you to deliver the ultimate moviegoing experience.

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